< photo SAM_0066.jpg>  Pure straight ahead roots rock'n'roll best describes The Greyhounds.  They are a 5 piece based out of Poughkeepsie New York.Together since 2001,these seasoned musicians realized their shared interest in back to basics,rhythm-driven rock'n'roll joined forces to form one rockin'unit. Their dedication to their musical roots comes though at full speed. Blending Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues with the twang of Classic Country and the drive of 60's Beat and Surf Instrumentals,have these guys roaring on all cylinders.The result is a Rock'n'Roll in it's purest form:dynamic,joyful,powerful and honest .Along their journey they have developed a loyal following with their frantic marathon performances tearing up the clubs and festivals from upstate New York to Washington DC.

" We're fans of the music first and foremost, and I think that's very important. Having a passion for what you do,people appreciate that. They can see that you're the real thing, you really believe in what you're doing. When I'm on stage nothin' else matters", says lead vocalist and band leader,Stuart Millman

Veteran Guitarist and Musical Arranger is Mark Hollenbeck. His tone and drive set the pace for The Greyhounds."It's been a real pleasure playing in this band,I don't know who's having a better time, the audience or us.When everything's right there's nothing like it. Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll!"

Drummer Chris Kaiser, for over 20 years had been supplying the backbeat for Rock'n'Roll,Jazz,Blues & Soul Revues,his style fits in perfectly with The Greyhounds." I really enjoy what this band does,I'm honored to be a part of their Rock'n'Roll journey."

20 year member of The Greyhounds Steve Greenfield adds his boogie piano riffs while doing double duty on the Alto Sax giving the band a added lift. Having performed with such groups as Sam the Sham,The Cleftones,Dovells,Frankie Ford and The Fleshtones,his savy stage presence brings their show to another level." You never know what to expect from this band when we're on stage,making our shows fresh and exciting,even after all these years."

The Greyhounds welcome Tenor Saxman Shorty King to the group on a intermittent basis.Originally from Los Angeles California his raunchy tone blasts out true 50's gritty horn bop. Not large in stature, Shorty truly makes up for it with his big sound." Growing up in the LA Punk/Rockabilly scene of the 80's,I have a true inspirational spirit for this band.The Greyhounds were a natural fit for me".

Brand new for The Greyhounds is Mr Steve Minervini on the Bass Guitar. Steve has been playing for the last 40 years plus in many bands through out the region and beyond.From hard rock, to southern rock, rockin' blues,western swing ,bluegrass even backing Elvis (in a tribute band) to now the all around boppin' sounds of The Greyhounds. His precision like playing has a brought a new dynamic to the band and their show. Steve claims " this band is fun,real fun they (we) put the roll back in rock"!